What if today was the day that changed everything.
— Dustin Harward


Dustin Harward was born in 1992 in Layton, Utah. He is the oldest of four siblings and grew up incredibly introverted. After graduating from Layton High School he served a mission for the LDS Church in Oakland, California for two years. During that time he played a key role in assisting others to better their lives. He fell in love with the feeling.

Upon returning home, he studied personal development, psychology and sociology, fascinated by how people think and act amongst one another. It was in March that he was approached by a friend who, struggling in his business, asked Dustin for insight on what to do next. Dustin happily shared his experiences and the things he had learned in his studies thus far.
After a 30 minute discussion, he asked Dustin "Have you ever thought of doing this professionally?"

Clarity was born.

Dustin Harward has since been asked to appear in radio interviews in Michigan, Utah, California, Texas and Colorado to speak on topics such as How to Create Success, How to Overcome Traumatic Experiences, How to Better Ourselves and many others.
Dustin has professionally mentored many individuals from mothers to entrepreneurs to CEO's. He has created Audio CD's that have gone across the country.

Dustin's greatest accomplishment, however, was marrying his best friend, Jessica, in September 2014. "She has been my greatest support. She never wavers in her faith in me and that has made all the difference" -Dustin.

Dustin Harward has operated several successful businesses throughout his life and has dedicated his career to uplifting others, opening their eyes to all that is possible for them to achieve and sharing the tools he has discovered to get them where they want to go, faster.
His enthusiasm and dynamic personality touch the hearts of people across the nation.

What Dustin has Achieved since 2014

  • Built a social media movement internationally
  • Prevented two divorces through Personal Mentoring
  • Prevented at least one suicide
  • Sold $110,000+ in mentoring packages in 30 days
  • Over $250,000 worth of career-specific training and education
  • Managed 12+ personal mentoring clients at once
  • Assisted a student in quadrupling their business in 3 weeks.
  • Accomplished 50+ items on his Vision Board
  • Assisted a student in dodecahedraling (12x) their income in a year.
  • Personally mentored 40+ individuals
  • Created a 5 CD Audio Library
  • Appeared in radio interviews 5+ times.
  • Got 20+ items off his Vision Board
  • Gave 100+ presentations
  • Organized 3 Mentoring Packages 
  • Sold $50,000 of Mentoring in two weeks
  • Fallen in love with his wife each day
  • Personally mentored entire office staffs
  • Went Skydiving at 10,500 ft.
  • Reached the top of a mountain
  • Accomplished 18 of his 21 New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Dustin's Goals for the coming year

  • I want to assist 50 people in accomplishing their New Year's Resolutions
  • I want to have 50 students attend one of our trainings
  • I want to give a presentation to a group mainly 18-29 years of age
  • I want to take 50 items off my Vision Board
  • I want to appear on TV
  • I want to read 25 books
  • I want to see Clarity reach over $1,000,000 in sales in 2018
  • I want to have 20 individuals in our Group Mentoring program
  • I want to create $250,000 in a single month
  • I want to collect a $15,000 speaking fee for a presentation
  • I want to go to Hawaii, San Francisco and experience a cruise with my wife