• Clarity QUADRUPLED my business in 3 weeks!
    — Holly M. - Preston, ID
  • (Dustin) pushed me out of my comfort zone, motivated me to do things I didn’t want to do... After (working with Clarity), I began to see my business flourish and I wasn’t even doing much to fix it! It was all inside me.
    — Braydon Barrett, Barrett Fitness
  • I took what he said, added heart to my presentation and it was incredible!... I helped more people and sold more of my Amino Acids than before! Thank you Dustin, you rock!
    — Shelly W.
  • I whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to take their life to the next level.
    — Arlo G - Ogden, UT
  • My finances have gone through the roof!
    — Holly M - Preston, ID

All your business needs to explode is a more potent dose of pure, 100% YOU.

We’ve all been there. Setting up ads, posting relentlessly on social media. Slogging through networking event after networking event and seeing NOTHING come from it. It’s exhausting at best. Soul crushing at worst.
It’s how we’ve been taught to do business; “It’s a numbers game! Just talk to 40,000 people!” or “Just give it time, most people don’t see referrals for the first six months”

Here, we play the game differently.

See, what I’ve discovered is that you can DRAMATICALLY accelerate the process by learning to be truly authentic. Mastering your unique personality and learning to monetize it. NO ONE can replicate it. If they want YOU, they have to use YOU. They can’t get you at the other guy’s shop down the road.

You may think you’ve got this covered, but if that were true, you’d be slammed with clients bursting through the door.
If that’s not the case, there’s a kink in the system.
This event is here to work those out.

At Entrepreneur Evolution you will:

    •    Learn about the 4 key business profiles and which ones are your go-to's

    •    Be trained on how to naturally generate raving fans

    •   Learn how to stop putting on your “masks” that cost you sales and followers

    •    Be trained on how to deliver your message with powerful clarity

    •    Create a customized game plan to catapult the results you’re getting on social media and in person networking events by utilizing Personality Marketing

• Finally understand how to keep the motivational fire burning consistently

You are ready. Now is the time to step into the limelight and turn this garage gig into a full blown movement.

Learn to be Boldly Authentic at Entrepreneur Evolution