"Dustin gave me incredible advice. He helped me clear up blocks that I had, especially financially. His abundance formula is amazing. I look forward to implementing it myself. I highly recommend Dustin to anyone wanting to better themselves and reach their goals. One thing I truly appreciated was that I had taken advantage of one of Dustin's free sessions and he didn't treat me any differently. Thank you Dustin!"

-Michelle W.

"Dustin has been a great blessing in my life.  He helped me understand why I was not being as successful as I want to be.  Then he provided me with practical activities to get my mind directed in the right way and focused on productive thoughts, words and actions.  He exudes personal enthusiasm and passion for helping others to succeed; his enthusiasm by itself is very motivational.  I highly recommend his services."

-Paul A.

"I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Dustin and Clarity Mentoring! As a business owner it's easy to get caught up in the work and forget you need to stop to sharpen the ax from time to time. Weekly meetings with Dustin were a fantastic way to refocus and recharge my enthusiasm, reminding me why I'm doing what I'm doing in the first place. I learned a multitude of things through my experience with Clarity, Dustin is great at teaching how to read people and modify my approach to interacting with them on the spot, how to immediately break through a negative feelings, and how to focus on the important things in life. Dustin is one of the most intelligent, energetic, and uplifting guys I've met and I whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to take their life to the next level."

- Arlo G.

"My husband and I have been working with Dustin. He is incredible at what he does! I really appreciate the difference he is making in our lives!"

-Jennifer B.

"Dustin is one of the truly rare professionals who genuinely cares about his clients.  I am continually amazed by the the l depth and breadth if Dustin's ability and desire to help.  Dustin's positive attitude is infectious....no seriously,  I have never seen him angry,  disappointed, or sad. I don't think he is capable of such negative dealings l feelings.  I am also very impressed with Dustin's extensive knowledge on the science behind his work.  I would not hesitate to refer anyone looking to get more out of life to Dustin."

-Anders B. C.

"When I came to Dustin it was just to see what he was all about. I had heard good things about him and what he did. It was not to be mentored by him. I knew that I didn't need it. Yes I was that guy who knew everything. 
Background on me. Ever since high school I was put inside a box. A box that society wanted me in. Middle class, white, Mormon male. I was to graduate school go on a mission and go get a good job to provide for my family. All of these things I did. But I always thought that there was something more. It drove me crazy thinking about it. I would tell everyone about it. Everyone's response was the same "everyone feels like that" or "you're no different". So I was normal to feel that way, or so I  thought. 
After some years and getting beat down by life and others telling me what I needed to be, I meet Dustin. Now again, I  knew everything at this point, but he looked at me and said "friend you have been beat down too long. Have you ever felt that there is something more for you? " I said yes. It sparked something in me that I have not felt in a long time. It was hope
Dustin is a great mentor. The way that he brings out what you are supposed to be and not what society says that you have to be is truly amazing.
Dustin has changed my life for the better. Thanks to him I am dreaming again."

-Adam W.

My time working with Dustin and Clarity Mentoring has brought unprecedented personal and professional growth. I have gained insight into attributes blocking me from achieving my personal best as well as tools to keep me on moving forward. From an accountability program which keeps me on goal to personalized mentoring sessions, this program has far exceeded my expectations. 

-Kym B.

"Play full out with Dustin! He knows his stuff andwill help you see things you haven't seen or will help you recall those things you wanted to keep hidden, but would change your life! We met & connected with Dustin very quickly and were able to dive deep right away. I highly recommend Dustin if you are ready to make a change in your life. Dustin is going big and can help you get there too. Thanks Dustin!

-K. Shane R.

"Dustin is fabulous! He knows what he is doing! He is excellent at breaking the ice and getting to know you quickly. He is here to help you find & create success! He is clear in his expectation and has a great personality to work through your walls!

-Lacey R.

We met with Dustin today and ahad a great discussion. He was able to open our eyes and our minds to so many ideas and perspectives and gave us the tools to really improve not only our financial situation but to really enrich our lives with our family and also our personal relationship with God. We are so grateful for our time with him and would highly recommend him and his services to anyone.

-Garrett and Madison S.


I wanted to thank you for being my mentor. A few months ago, I didn't even know that mentoring existed, so I am glad our paths crossed. Even through I only recently started mentoring with you, I have already noticed several improvements in my life.
I feel like I have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my wife, family and God.
I have more motivation to set and accomplish my goals; both personally and professionally. I have already had new opportunities and increased sales since meeting with you.
As I mentioned the first time we met, I felt like I have been drifting through life lately. You have awoken me to a new reality that I am the master of my own destiny, and I am excited for what the future holds. I thank you for that!"

-Damon D.