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Two essential ingredients to success: Hiring a mentor and building a supportive team.

Velocity is giving you both.

Collaboration is essential to create miracles
— Napoleon Hill

It's been said that who we are and what we accomplish is the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. What if we spent time every day around others who are moving forward and accomplishing incredible things?

Velocity is Clarity's Premiere Group Mentoring experience unlike any other. This experience is specifically designed to propel you towards your goals and skyrocket your results!

In Velocity you will receive:

  • 3 Months of Weekly LIVE Personality Marketing Training From Me Personally ($8,000) 

  • High Level Accountability ($2,500)

  • Mastery of Your Unique Message ($2,997)
    -How to Find It
    -How to Share it
    - What to NEVER do when marketing it
    -Stand Out in Crowded Markets

  • How to Generate Sales Effortlessly on Facebook Without Being Obnoxious ($1,300)

  • Natural Networking Training ($800)

    =$15,597.00 Value.
    When it launches, Velocity will be offered for $1500-$2000


Note: Thank you so much for being willing to jump on board and iron out the last few kinks of this incredible program. That’s why I’m offering this experience at such a steep discount for you.

During the program, I would love to hear your feedback on the set up of the program itself, more so than the content; what was awesome? What made things easy? What would make it even better etc.

I’m stoked to have you on board!

You may be wondering why it isn’t “free”. I tried doing it for free in previous tests of the program and the students got almost nothing out of the program, many didn’t even finish.
When I had students pay a tuition, their results skyrocketed. (i.e. one student walked away with 200-300K in passive income after 3 months) When we put skin in the game, we are more dedicated to doing the hard things. 

Remember, it IS possible for you to experience true success. No matter where you're at, the next level is inches away. Invest in yourself today and watch your results skyrocket! We'll see you there!