• Clarity quadrupled my business in 3 weeks!
    — Holly M. - Preston, ID
  • (Dustin) pushed me out of my comfort zone, motivated me to do things I didn’t want to do... After (working with Clarity), I began to see my business flourish and I wasn’t even doing much to fix it! It was all inside me.
    — Braydon Barrett, Barrett Fitness
  • (Dustin) is incredible at what he does! I really appreciate the difference he is making in our lives!
    — Jennifer B. - Ogden UT
  • I whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to take their life to the next level.
    — Arlo G - Ogden, UT
  • My finances have gone through the roof!
    — Holly M - Preston, ID


Benefits of Having a Mentor

Direct Training
Mentoring is specifically honed in on what is really stopping you and what it really is that creates success. Learn from a Mentor who has already gone down that road and knows what to do and what not to do. Save yourself time and money by not making the same mistake over and over.

Ongoing Solutions to new problems that will show up
Once you solve this problem, another will come up. Successful people hire a mentor to go with them to provide ongoing solutions and insight. New obstacles will show up because you've upgraded to a new level of vision.

New fresh views/perception to overcoming obstacles
     Your walls aren't as big as they seem. Having a fresh perspective on your situations will provide simple solutions to walls that seemed unbeatable.

Learn new patterns of success
     There is more than one way to get where you want to go. There is an easier way. Learn how to find those new paths and decrease the time and effort it's taking to reach your goal.

Training on how to create result-packed action steps
"I don't have time" is a myth. The time is there, it's just being burned in expensive ways. Learn how to clear out the things that steal your time and energy and construct Action Steps to get more out of your day. 

Goal Focused
You are either mentally wired to get stuck on your problems, focusing on them until your progress stops or to see solutions and be motivated by them. Train your brain to recognize the difference and be EMPOWERED.

Increased training on how to master the left and right side of your mind
When you don't know how you think, you feel stuck and frustrated, ultimately being stuck in disappointment. You lose control. Discover how your brain works so it can work FOR you.

Success Partner System - fail less, succeed more
      Do it alone and you will fall back into your habits and patterns of self sabotage. Put a Mentor in your corner who says you CAN when you say you can't. With them supporting you, you can easily accomplish what seemed impossible before. 

Reporting and Accountability
     Utilize a proven system and see exactly what keeps stopping you. Receive training on how to break free from the patterns that stand in your way. 

Decrease sabotage - break through old patterns!
If you knew what to do, you would have done it already. Old mindsets and emotions will pull you back to what you have always had. Break free! Deal with the problem at the source.

Hands on, interactive whole brain training
Empower yourself with tools to train your brain how to work for you! Create automatic success behaviors! Improved thinking = new behaviors = better results!